Sprinter Vans have become one of our specialties!! TRUTH

Q. What is my worst case scenario?
A. The worst case scenario is typically pricing from the original manufacturer, such as, (GM,Ford, Chrysler dealerships) with the cost of installation and fluid services added.

Q. How much does it cost to fix my transmission?
A. Cost can vary greatly.  Occasionally the problem is repaired without cost during the free analysis. Depending on models, types and damage incurred the cost can be anywhere from zero to a couple of thousand dollars.

Q. How much would it be if my transmission needs everything?
A. Very unlikely, But if it did, it would not be rebuilt, at that point it would be referred to as new. The cost to replace everything is significantly more than any rebuilt shelf unit you will find. New, if you find one, is many thousands of dollars.

Q. Can’t you just tell me a price over the phone?
A. No, generally we cannot. The same symptoms can be recreated by many different causes. Shudders, noises, slipping, leaks, warning indicators (lights) can have many different origins. We check vehicles without charge so that when we do give our verdict, it will be accurate. This prevents you from going all over town paying diagnosis fees to isolate a problem that could be less than the diagnosis fee itself.

Q. How much is a new transmission?
A. Most Automotive brands do not offer new units. They are rebuilt units. The large majority of those are built outside of that corporation through sub-contractors. New is a term that is used far too loosely.

Q Can’t you just hook it up to your machine and tell me what I need?
A. Not usually. A computer scan generally will only give direction as to what is necessary for a repair. Even when the code reads as a simple speed sensor, for example, it can be other issues that are preventing the signal from the sensor being read by the control unit. Typically the sensor would get replaced, clear codes, road test and see if code reappears. Only then can you be certain that the problem is solved.

Q. What is the advantage of rebuilding my original unit over purchasing a shelf unit if the internal damage is substantial?
A. When rebuilding your original unit cost is reduced as you are paying for your parts and labor. Shelf unit pricing is done with unit value, not simply the parts needed to overhaul. You already have a unit, why pay for another one. Shelf units are built from cores (failed units exchanged), often times from several cores. This means wear patterns are old, mismatched and who knows how many miles are on these parts/units prior to you purchasing it. This mismatch factor alone can easily lead to a shorter life span. Also, most automatic transmissions are computer controlled these days. The units may interchange mechanical external but, often times, the internal electronic control components are unique to year model, engine size, etc. and can guarantee early failure.

Q. How long does it take to overhaul a transmission?
A. Generally it is between two and four days. Parts availability, work load etc., being factors.

Q. Do you offer financing?
A. Yes, we have many payment term options for no interest, no payment financing from 90 days to 12 months depending on your credit score.

Q. How long can I drive my car the way it is now?
A. Good question! could be anywhere from minutes to months. Professional opinion? You don’t find out how far it will go before failure. That can raise the cost with more replacement parts needed, not to mention the inconvenience.