The Benefits that Nissans CVT Transmissions provide are commonly believed to outweigh the slightly higher cost of maintenance and repairs, but until more people start to adapt to the new technology and allow a few more generations of improvement, we don’t predict the failure rate to be improved.

Can a CVT Transmission be repaired?

Yes, CVT Transmissions can be repaired, but the most effective way to avoid having to repair them is to make sure that you replace the fluid at Nissan’s (or your own manufacturers) recommended Intervals and avoid putting unapproved load or stress on your CVT vehicle (towing or trailering).

How much does it cost to replace my car’s CVT Transmission?

Your Dealership will quote anywhere from $3,500 – $6,000 to replace your CVT Unit when it fails. Yes, we said WHEN IT FAILS, because it is a fact that all CVT Transmissions will die at some point which is why we have studied & mastered all the CVT transmission designs (Nissans, Subarus, and other manufacturers) in order to best save your time and money.

We will diagnose your CVT problems at no cost to you, and will even tow your vehicle to our shop to do so at no charge

Even though we can’t turn back time and suggest that you DO NOT BUY a car that has a CVT unless that transmission is COVERED BY UNLIMITED WARRANTY, we still can do our absolute best to make sure that the cost of your repairs are as painless as they can be.

How long will my CVT Transmission Last?

If you take good care and provide proper maintenance they have proven to last at least 5-6 years or 100,000 miles without trouble.  CVT (continuously variable transmission) is a relatively new technology and manufacturers are improving designs all the time. Read MORE about how to best prevent premature failure of your Nissan CVT.

What are the most common symptoms of a damaged CVT Transmission?

Many of the trouble reports mention loss of power, transmission jerking, throttle slippingCVT coolant leaks or low coolant warnings, and CVT error code on the dashboard display. These symptoms should not be ignored, and the sooner that they are brought to the attention of our Nissan CVT Experts, the higher the likelihood of an easy repair!

Is it normal for my CVT Transmission to whine?

Yes, that is normal and part of everyday operation – it’s a combination of sounds most related to the kevlar belt teeth spinning as they are supposed to. Don’t worry, unless suddenly the WHINE sound gets much louder unexpectedly, make sure to let us know if that happens!

Which Manufacturers sell CVT equipped vehicles?

The auto makers using CVT Technology in more automobiles than others currently are: Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru. In fact, subaru was actualy the first manufacturer to introduce CVT back in the 80s, but Nissan currently has more automobiles on the road equipped with CVT than any other auto maker.